Friday, April 14, 2006

GSpace: a must-have extension for Firefox

Gmail high capacity and the availability of its API tempted a lot of people from the begining to use it as a hard drive for file storage or back-up and now, we have several solutions for trasfering files to our gmail account from a web application to a firefox extension.
I've tried GmailDrive,, and Gspace and
among these the later one, Gspace, a firfox extension written by Rahul Jonna was far better than others. its long list of features and its speed outweigh all its rivals in this field.
you can easily upload and download big executable files (bigger than 10 MB which is normally not allowed by google!) with high speed and without any problem. here are some of the key featurs:
  • Files > 10 MB can be uploaded.
  • Allows to upload and download files and folders.
  • Every file is sent as an attachment.
  • Allow to upload executable files.
  • Allow to preview images before download.
  • Allow so send files or folders directly to another email address of your own or a friend.
if you are using Firefox browser then Gspace is a must have!

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